The Plan

You will be able to vote in the referendum for the Neighbourhood Plan for Hunsdon on September 15, 2022.

You can read or download the June 2022 Referendum Draft of the Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan here, which incorporates the examiner’s modifications, and access the full Evidence Base below.

Christopher Lockhart-Mummery QC concluded his examination of the Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan in June 2022. You can download and read his report here.

The Examination was covered in full both here and on the East Herts Council website here.

If you have any difficulties using the download button below or link above, please use this link to download the full draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan – Final Referendum Draft (June 2022)

Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan - November 2021 Submission Draft
Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan – Final Referendum Draft (June 2022)

The Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan Group would like to thank Hunsdon residents for your contributions, responses and support so far for the emerging Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan.

Evidence Base

 Phase 6: Referendum

 Phase 5: Examination

 Phase 4: Regulation 16 Consultation

 Phase 3: Regulation 15 Preparation and Consultation

Phase 2: Regulation 14 Consultation

Phase 1: Initial Public Consultations