The Plan

The Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan Group would like to thank Hunsdon residents for your contributions, responses and support for the emerging Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan.

The group has now started working through your comments alongside responses from other official consultees, stakeholders and  landowners, as part of the review of the Plan before it goes to the next stage.

A Public Q&A was held via Zoom on February 16. You can read all the slides for the presentation here.

You can read or download the 83-page pre-submission draft of the Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan in full below, as well as an eight-page summary.

You can find the full Evidence Base for the Plan in all its stages below the Plan and its summary.

If you have any difficulties using the download button below, please use this link to download the full draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Full Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Hunsdson Area Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Draft

Summary Booklet

Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan - Summary Document

Evidence Base

 Phase 3: Regulation 15 Preparation and Consultation

Phase 2: Regulation 14 Consultation

Phase 1: Initial Public Consultations