Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan to Parish Council Annual Meeting 2021

You can read the Hunsdon Area NP Report below, or download the document as a pdf

  1. The full draft of the Plan and ancillary documents are all on the NPG website

It is a Local Plan for Hunsdon, separate from the larger one for the Gislton Development, so it encompasses the Parish Area less the part which falls withing the Gilston development, broadly the Airfield and Village 7.

  1. We have put the draft plan through its first public consultation which finished in March this year and are now, as a Group and with our planning consultant, in the course of a full review all the responses to the draft Plan from residents, who gave it their overall support, and the statutory consultees like EHDC, Herts CC, Environment Agency, Historic England and local landowners. This process will take a couple of months. It may involve some further discussions with some of the consultees.
  1. When this is concluded we will produce the next version of the Draft Plan with legal documentation, for East Herts DC to submit to the next round of Public Consultation.
  1. On finances for the year ended 31 March 2021, all our funds, receipts and payments pass through and are part of the Parish Council Accounts but in summary:

Received during year:
From Locality Grant (Central Government) – £3000

Total Paid during year:
Planning Consultant – £4875
Administration £250
IT and Misc. expenses £250

Balance met by Parish Council £2375

Frank O’Shea
26 April 2021

Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan – Update

The Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan Group would like to thank Hunsdon residents for your contributions, responses and support for the emerging Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan.

The group has now started working through  your comments alongside responses from other official  consultees, stakeholders and  landowners, as part of the review of the Plan before it goes to the next stage.

Thank you to all once again.

– HANP Group

Fill out the Hunsdon Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

The Regulation 14 Consultation has begun for the Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan.

To let your voice be heard, please fill out the Questionnaire below.

Please do not navigate away from the page until you have submitted the form as your progress will not be saved.

You can read or download the 83-page pre-submission Regulation 14 draft in full below, as well as an eight-page summary

Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan Household Survey

In February and March 2019 the Neighbourhood Plan Group commissioned a survey of residents’ views. Paper copies of the survey were distributed to every household and sent to every business in the Plan area, and an identical online survey form was provided.

An article drawing attention to the survey was published on local social media (inluding a link to the online form) and in the Village News.

The responses from that survey have since been combined and analysed and are being used to identify priority issues for the Neighbourhood Plan.

An interim summary of, and insights on the responses from the survey has been produced here.

Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan Group, September 2019

First Community Event – 2-3 February 2019

Our first Community Event in early February was a huge success, with over 100 residents attending over the two days and over 250 comments left on post-its.

Just as importantly, we had several residents indicate their willingness to join the group and contribute to developing the Plan.

It was good to see our County Councillor, Eric Buckmaster, and colleagues from Stanstead Abbotts and Eastwick & Gilston Parish Councils.

For anyone who couldn’t make it over the weekend and/or who would like a reminder of the material used, then copies of the boards are here

Hunsdon Area Neighbourhood Plan Group, February 2019